Social media, content marketing, traditional, mobile and digital marketing, compounding consumer data… What is waiting to changing marketing sector in 2020 ! New approaches of nwe year that concern real estate sector will be addressed in this session.

Cashless Food and Culture Market with a Global Community and Footprint

Why are cities around the world hungry for Manifesto’s rich urban promise?

Manifesto’s immediate success in creating attractive and lovable landmarks have a city-wide mission and impact to improving the quality of life and quality of food and beverage experience in the city. How do we interstate a 360-strategy into our values and mission, and how our gastro space-as-a-service model disrupting and redefining the real estate, gastro and retail industry? How we interconnect the physical and digital space into one flawless experience.

Investors Talk: Advantages of Investing Turkey

Investors from Turkey and the World, will come together at this traditionalistic session moderated by Avi Alkaş

Positive Management, Reputation And Creating Meaning

How to create meaning in your business? What does positive culture entail? How does positive perspective contribute to reputation management? We will have a chance to hear about positive leadership from a seasoned academic in the field, also the author of many scientific articles and books. Our speaker will use points such as collective working, creating meaning and value, and being flexible towards change to share his insights on positive leadership. We will turn inwards and explore the secret strength within us in order to equip ourselves better to respond to the fast pace of change and overcome the challenges confronting us.

Panels To Discuss The Hot Issues Of The Sector

Rising Asian economy continues to enhance its assets in overseas markets. What direction is Asian capital taking? What is the underlying reason for Asian investments to target certain areas and what kind of real estate assets are of preference? What do investment-friendly countries have to offer for potential investors? An insight into the global capital flows in light of invaluable JLL data - a session not to miss!

Decision Making in Uncertain Times

Agah Ugur, an esteemed business person and an established achiever who played a key role in leading Borusan Group to be one of the most reputable, succesful and admirable conglomerates in Turkey will be at RE360!

PropTech: 360° Vision on Property Technologies

The use of technology in the property market is on the rise. RE360 will offer the opportunity to understand the impact of new technologie on all aspects of the real estate, and view the newest trends.