Chairman of Artaş İnşaat

He was born in Melikgazi-Kayseri in 1954.

In 1977, he started his business life in construction industry. Predominantly at Beyazıt and Yeşilköy, he built business centers, apartments and hotels, then he made shopping mall investments.

In 2006, he materialized Avrupa Konutları Atakent 1 project and laid foundations of the brand Avrupa Konutları. Until today, he developed many housing projects under the brand Avrupa Konutları at various areas of Istanbul. In addition to Avrupa Konutları, he delivered 17 thousand 500 houses so far including Eclipse Maslak, Vadistanbul and Tema Istanbul projects which was built with joint venture.

He was awarded an Honorary PhD of Economics by T.R Erciyes University on August 4, 2000.

In 2010 he was awarded “Most Trustworthy Brand” prize with the Avrupa Konutları brand at European Union Quality Summit. At the same year he was awarded with “TGNA Superior Service Medal and Patent” by Turkish Grand National Assembly Presidential Chair because of his donations and services. He is married and has three children.