It is no longer enough just to provide m2 in projects. Real estate ‘tenants’ such as shop brands, restaurants and hotel operators are already changing their focus - concentrating on ‘experience’ as much as on products. At every level, experience is epitomized by the culture, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. How the living spaces that we create - our built environment - should change, to accommodate this new approach? And in turn,how cities, municipalities, NGOs, and property developers give more importance to involvement and experience? How to turn this new challenge into an opportunity? And can our lives really be improved by this nexus of arts, dining and entertainment?

Füsun PHILLIPSON, FYP Project Development Marketing Sales, Co-founder, Ceo

Zümrüt Arol BEKÇE, Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi, CEO

Mert FIRAT, DasDas Founder Partner, Artist

Muzaffer YILDIRIM, Investor & Entepreneur