EurAsia Proptech Initiative, Founder

Mete Varas is one of the leading thought-leaders and influencers on PropTech globally.

He has been a prominent entrepreneur in technology businesses, involved numerous ventures as a founder, executive, investor, mentor or advisor. He’s the founder of EurAsia Proptech Initiative. He’s a member of the founding team of Zingat & REIDIN, property marketplace and property data analytics company, responsible for innovation and European operations respectively. Mete Varas is also co-founder of Shopi, a retailtech company and Jabiroo, AI-based personalized travel curation company. Previously, he was Country Manager of iSentry, a leading provider of intelligent products for digital signing and encryption and co-founder of TurSign, Turkey’s first Electronic Signature Certificate Authority and Datascope, one of Europe’s first electronic investment platform. Prior to that, he established Euromoney’s ISI Emerging Markes Istanbul Office in 1996 and served as Information & Marketing Manager until 1998.