Zümrüt Arol BEKÇE

Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi, CEO

Zümrüt Arol Bekçe studied business in college and started her career in 1990. Her professional life in finance began at Interbank; followed by Demirbank and AK Investment companies. She made a sharp transition in her career and made a career switch from finance to entertainment sectors at 2000 by joining BKM

Although initially she was responsible of financial management in BKM; in a very short period of time, she took an active role in Project Development and Execution by expanding her areas of responsibility. She entered the film industry with BKM's "Vizontele Tuuba" and "GORA" films.

As the CEO of BKM, she undertook a crucial role in managing national and international projects in cinema, TV, as well as theatre and concert organizations in the entertainment industry. Zümrüt Arol Bekçe is married with a son and is a member of both TESİYAP and TESDER.