Mustafa El ALIWAT

Co-Founder, iCredible Technology, Inc.

Mustafa El Aliwat, who is married and has a child, is fluent in English and intermediate in Arabic.

He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Bogaziçi University and also MBA degree. He is one of the Turkey’s early few managers that has PMI-PMP certification.

Sports takes a special place at every moment of his life. He rowed at Fenerbahce Sports Club for years, lived championships as captain of his teams. He currently serves as a congressman to his club.

He started his business life in Erdem Holding as a computer engineer. Then he worked as a project manager in Genpa Telecommunication. He has specialized in Finance and Banking sector and took managerial roles in different departments. With the R&D Centers he manages, he has taken consecutive first-place awards in the banks he has worked for.

In this process; The company has implemented some of the most successful and innovative projects in the world such as banking transformations, Video Teller Machine software & hardware, Social Network Scoring, HR transformation of one of the global financial companies.

Currently he provides consultancy and development on innovative technologies such as blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology to prepare large companies for new decades.

In this regard, iCredible has been the subject of news in the world by implementing the Turkey's first live blockchain project resulting in a record time at a public institution of the country.

He took place in YİDER-Local Institutions Association’s founding team in order to contribute to the development of the strategic needs of Turkey in the field of technology and continues to serve on the board of directors.