Hüseyin ARSLAN

YDA Group Chairman of the Board

Mr. Hüseyin Arslan graduated from The Middle East Technical University (M.E.T.U.), Civil Engineering Dept. in 1992, with High Honors degree. He has been the Chairman of YDA Group Board of Directors since 1993. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Contractors Association, a deep seated and reputable institution of the Turkish construction industry, the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Muğla, and an invited speaker to conferences in Turkey and abroad on subjects such as the real estate sector, and especially Public Private Partnerships (PPP). In 2017, he was appointed by Decree of the King of Saudi Arabia as Board Member to the National Center for Privatization and PPP (NCP) of Saudi Arabia, established to achieve Vision 2030 goals. Mr. ARSLAN is currently serving on the Board of NCP.

With 44 year experience YDA Group focused on ten fundamental fields of business, namely Construction & Contracting, Real Estate Development, Aviation, Medical & Healthcare, Energy, Support Services (Security & Catering, Facility Management), Mining, Agriculture, Information Technologies (IT) and Smart Outdoor Digital Advertising, and made a point of offering world-class service in all these fields. Extending its operations to international markets as of 2000s, the YDA Group carried out various projects in countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Moldova; and continues to be a pioneering company with great experience in Build-Operate-Transfer and Public Private Partnership infrastructure projects, particularly for city hospitals, in Turkey and abroad in addition to its real estate investment projects.

YDA Group is one of the leading conglomerates in Turkey, with its local and international affiliates active in various industries, creating a business volume at global standards, with its completed projects valued at USD 7.9 billion, and ongoing and planned projects at USD 9.6 billion and a total work force of more than 10,000 people.