Uzm. Dr. Kerem DÜNDAR

Dr. Kerem Dündar, Neuro Health and Brain Research Centre, Founder

 Graduated from Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) has worked as a lecturer, director, trainer and doctor at various medical institutions. Dundar completed his PHD in brain research at the Biophysics department of GATA. During that time he was involved in clinical and experimental research in psychiatry, neurology, psychology and behavioural sciences using electrophysiological and stereotaxic surgery. Whilst incorporating alternative medicine disciplines (i.e. acupuncture, hypnosis) to his practice when working in family therapy, behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, sexual therapy, neurotherapy and neurofeedback fields.

His holistic neuro - approach comprises practices of modern medicine, classical medicine, current evolving technology, therapy systems and neurosciences. Using this eclectic approach Mr Dundar has provided over 20,000 consultations on topics of Performance - Happiness - Mental Health - Communications.

He continues his research in neurosciences at Neuro Health Brain Research and Application Centre where he is a founder. He frequently gives talks and consultations on below topics as well as continuing his training and personal neuro consulting through collaborations with various corporations and institutions.

Using our brain effectively.

Industrial Psychology.

Combating mental health issues.

Technology Addiction.

Striving to achieve success in life.

Neuro – Management

Neuroscience based education

Brain based communication

Neuro – Marketing

Dundar is the pioneer of ground - breaking talks and global seminars on the topic of neuroscience for corporations, multi nationals, educational institutions and universities.