Doç. Dr. Oğuz Nuri BABÜROĞLU

Arama Participatory Management Consultancy – Founding Director, Sabancı University, Associate Professor

Oğuz Babüroğlu is a Core Faculty member of the School of Management at Sabancı University in Turkey. He is one of the first practitioners of Action Research in the Country, a pioneering consultant in the development and implementation of micro-democratic communities, participatory decision-making processes and the owner of two consulting and executive training companies.

As a consultant, since the late 1980s, he has worked with over 900 organizations varying from large corporations, national and regional governmental institutions, NGO’s, think tanks and educational institutions. His work with participatory decision-making processes in the form of "The Search Conference" has had a direct influence on the democratization of many organizations in the Country. Thanks to the impact of these processes, terms such as the“Collective Mind (ortak akil in Turkish)” and the " Search Conference (arama konferansi in Turkish)" have become household terms in Turkey.

One of his most notable achievements has been facilitating the design of three new green site universities. Namely, Sabanci, Ozyegin and Abdullah Gul. Out of the three, Sabanci University has been ranking an impressive number one or two on the innovation and entrepreneurship scale among 180+ universities for the last four years (Ranking made by the Ministry of Industry Science and Technology in Turkey). His accomplishments in educational education goes back to the 80’s when he was given AACSB’s educational innovation award together with another colleague for the course they designed that mixed business and liberal studies.

The development of participatory methodologies to extend existing ones has been another significant achievement. He developed “The Polling Conference” methodology that was used to enhance the citizens' participation in the design of the new Turkish constitution. This methodology wasimplemented in 12 cities across Turkey during 2013 making possible hundreds of citizens to contribute meaningfully in the making of the constitution. His articles have been published in such journals as Organization Studies, Human Relations, Systems Practice and Action Research, Journal of Action Research and the like.

His presence both in the worlds of theory and practice are denoted by being an editorial board member of four scholarly Journals; Action Research Journal, International Journal of Action Research, Journal of Systems Research and Behavioral Science and International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training

Meanwhile Oğuz Babüroğlu fulfills the director's role on the boards of four large commercial companies in Turkey; Teknosa (electronics retail), CarrefourSA (consumer goods retail), Karsan (commercial vehicle manufacturer) and Eti (biscuits and chocolate).

He has a PhD in Social Systems Sciences from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and other degrees from University of Lancaster and University of Sussex in the UK.