Oxford University Lecturer, Researcher, Historian

Peter Frankopan is one of leading historians in the world. Peter Frankopan is Professor of Global History at Oxford University, where he is also Director of Worcester College and of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research.

His latest book, "Silk Roads: A New History of the World", went to Number One on the list of non-fiction books, including Britain, India and China and many other countries around the world, creating an international sensation. Sunday Times described it as “a magnificent study”. Guardian described it as “fearless and brilliant”. It was described by Daily Telegraph as “Breathtaking and addictively readable”. The book changes our perspective on past, today and the future. According to Berliner Zeitung, it was one of not only the most important history books for years, but the most important one for the last decade. In The Wall Street Journal, it is described as one of the rare books that question our assumptions about the world.

Following the hardback success, it also continues to get brilliant appreciations with paperback edition; Best Seller (Sunday Times, New York Times), History Book of the Year (the Daily Telegraph).

He lectures at world’s leading universities, and provides consultancy to non-political, non-financial and non-profit organizations.

As a writer in demand, he prepares publications about Russia, the Middle East and Iran, China and today’s changing world for national and international press.