• We have discussed what the future brings to Istanbul and Turkey, with more than 500 participants at this conference.
    Peter Frankopan Oxford University Lecturer, Researcher, Historian
  • I am pleased to be one of the keynote speakers of this great meeting which brings together real estate professionals, investors and consultants of not only Turkey but also the world.
    Greg Clark London LEP Board Member and Chairman of JLL Cities Research Center
  • As ReedMIDEM, I'm very glad to participate in this conference held by Alkaş, Turkey’s representative of MIPIM, for professionals. I would like to be together again in the second one.
    Marc Vetillard ReedMIDEM, European and African Regional Real Estate Sales Director
  • Despite being the first year, RE360 succeeded in bringing together all segments of the sector.
    Ayşe Hasol Erktin Co-founder of Has Architect
  • It was a very nice meeting where the all sector came together.
    Kaan Yücel General Manager of Piyalepaşa Real Estate
  • Finding out what's happening in the world is very significant for the transformation of the sector.
    Bekir Ağırdır General Director of Konda Research
  • A very pleasant organization, where Alkaş meticulously prepared and brought together many real estate stakeholders.
    Merter Özay Founder of Özay Law Office
  • I think RE360 meets a very accurate mission at the right time.
    Dr. Halil İbrahim Zeytin Chairman of Akademetre
  • I think RE360 is a significant event that the industry needs.
    Kayhan Çakanel Chairman of Efekta Architect
  • I see such organizations as platforms that increase the data production in the sector, share the data, and thus support institutionalization.
    Ali Baki Usta General Manager of And Real Estate
  • I thank Alkaş for its very sensitive movements for our construction sector.
    Süleyman Çetinsaya Chairman of Artaş Construction
  • I can say that it is a good opportunity to see old friends together.
    Enis Öncüoğlu Chairman of Öncüoğlu Architect
  • We evaluated both 2017 and 2018. We’re hopeful for this year.
    Ahmet Çalık Chairman of Çalık Holding
  • RE360 is a platform that brings together the most important actors of the real estate sector, especially in this period and discusses sincerely the difficulties and opportunities of the sector with the right attendants and speakers.
    Murat Özyeğin Board Member of Fiba Holding
  • The sector needs such platforms. Because we need to produce information, make new evaluations and share information.
    Aziz Torun Chairman and General Manager of Torunlar GYO
  • We have made different discussions in achieving our goals, coming together and looking for this common sense.
    Avi Alkaş Chairman of Alkaş
  • The fact that we are in unity again is a very nice and positive motivation for all of us.
    Makbule Yönel Maya General Director of TSKB Real Estate Valuation Inc., MRICS
  • Everyone in the sector actually found the opportunity to meet many people.
    Yonca Aközer General Manager of Alkaş
  • Everyone in the sector actually found the chance to meet many people.
    Gündüz Bayer Director of Metro Properties Asia Region and Chairman of Metro Properties Turkey
  • I think this is the first organization held properly in terms of improving the real estate.
    Mustafa Çelik Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor
  • Here we find the opportunity to see our friends and representatives from domestic and foreign sectors.
    Gökhan Avcıoğlu Founder of GAD Architect
  • A conference gathering the whole sector under a single roof.
    Dr. Duygu Erten Vice Chairman of Turkish Green Building Association (ÇEDBİK)
  • I’m pleased that the organization has been professionally managed and that its content has been selected from the right and good people.
    Hakan Gümüş Chairman of The Center for Strategic Thinking in Real Estate (GİSP)
  • We received the latest and future information about the sector and a very serious vision was delivered.
    Yüksel Savaş Founder of Protecture, Prof. Architect, PMP
  • It was an event where real estate sector needed and we felt the lack of.
    Ekrem Utku General Manager of World Brands Consulting Ltd.
  • Such an essential event that past, present and future of the real estate sector were discussed in detail.
    Burhan Özkan Honorary President of Maya TV
  • I think RE360 and Alkaş have performed a very serious duty on this road. I hope this continues in the coming years.
    Ali Saydam Journalist, Writer, PR and Communication Specialist
  • It was a conference that has really succeeded in bringing together all the players of the industry in its first year.
    Zafer Baysal President of Urban Land Institute (ULI) Turkey
  • Real estate sector also need to raise the brand value in order to increase Turkey’s brand value.
    Dr. Fatoş Karahasan Lecturer at Bilgi University, Journalist, Writer
  • RE360 was a very impressive organization that brought together the entire real estate market.
    Oya Narin Chairman of Tourism Investors Association
  • It really embraced 360 degrees. Thanks to those who think, prepare and attend.
    Ersun Bayraktaroğlu PwC Turkey Company Partner & PwC Real Estate Sector Country Leader