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10-11 December 2019 Swissôtel The Bosphorus Istanbul





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Entrepreneurship in the New Economy

Agah Ugur, an esteemed business person and an established achiever who played a key role in leading Borusan Group to be one of the most reputable, succesful and admirable conglomerates in Turkey will be at RE360!

Positive Management, Reputation And Creating Meaning

How to create meaning in your business? What does positive culture entail? How does positive perspective contribute to reputation management? We will have a chance to hear about positive leadership from a seasoned academic in the field, also the author of many scientific articles and books. Our speaker will use points such as collective working, creating meaning and value, and being flexible towards change to share his insights on positive leadership. We will turn inwards and explore the secret strength within us in order to equip ourselves better to respond to the fast pace of change and overcome the challenges...

Cashless Food and Culture Market with a Global Community and Footprint

Why are cities around the world hungry for Manifesto’s rich urban promise? Manifesto’s immediate success in creating attractive and lovable landmarks have a city-wide mission and impact to improving the quality of life and quality of food and beverage experience in the city. How do we interstate a 360-strategy into our values and mission, and how our gastro space-as-a-service model disrupting and redefining the real estate, gastro and retail industry? How we interconnect the physical and digital space into one flawless experience.

Giving Life to Places - the Importance of the Experience

It is no longer enough just to provide m2 in projects. Real estate ‘tenants’ such as shop brands, restaurants and hotel operators are already changing their focus - concentrating on ‘experience’ as much as on products. At every level, experience is epitomized by the culture, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. How the living spaces that we create - our built environment - should change, to accommodate this new approach? And in turn,how cities, municipalities, NGOs, and property developers give more importance to involvement and experience? How to turn this new challenge into an opportunity? And can our lives really...

Transformation of Spatial Perception along the Social-Technological Transformation

This session will focus and provide new perspectives on the changes and transformation the humanity, way of life, spaces, spatial perceptions, and usage habits are going through.

The Housing Dimension of Transformation in Tourism

Where does residential housing sit with respect to tourism destinations? What does it tell us when main destinations in Turkey are compared to those overseas for tourism related housing supply? How could the dormant and run down second/summer houses in seaside towns be transformed? What would be the impact of such transformation on tourism and the economy in general? In this session, President of Turkish Tourism Investors Foundation, Oya NARİN, will share insights into the findings of their Transformation in Tourism project.

New Tımes, Changıng Expectatıons: Educatıon, Busıness Culture And Creatıvıty

In these fast pace of change les by technology, how should we develop ourselves? What past lessons are there to learn to help us overcome the challenges at work and meet the opportunities that business life presents us with? How possible is it to adapt to in this time and age where individualism is the norm, rationalism is a cult and communication tools rapidly evolve, how possible is it to adapt still tuned in on the rules and concepts of 50 years back? What strategies are best to adopt to stand strong in these peculiar times? This session focuces on the...

Turkish Economy at Crossroads: Time for Prudent Intertemporal Assessments

Cevdet Akçay evaluates last economic development and explains his 2020 foresight at RE360 !

Real Estate Has Travelled Through The Seas - Time To Sail Away To The Ocean With Proptech

It is time to make a choice - either read between the lines to understand the changes in real estate and be part of its transformation or stick with the good old and come tumbling down with it. An amazing opportunity yet perceived as a threat by some, we will hear all about the what, when and hows of Proptech: what is it? How will it change the game and how? Who are the players?  This session will shed light on the emergent real estate technologies at home and overseas, and the subsequent new business models 

What is The Perspective of Overseas Investors? When and How Do They Plan To Enter The Expanding Turkish Market?

Investors from Turkey and the world, will come together at this traditionalistic session moderated by Avi Alkaş.

From the City of Hatay, The Treasure Trove of A Rich Multicultural Heritage

A UNESCO World City of Gastronomy and host of Expo 2021, Hatay will be at RE360 for a debut entrance with its inspiring projects.

12 Key Urban Technology Trends and What Drives Them

This session identifies key trends in the use of digital technologies in cities, and considers the factors that interact to cause and shape them. The speaker will discuss the disruption this is causing in the urban land environment, and the potential impact of this on the real estate industry. The session will conclude by exploring how innovation can help real estate organisations to manage this impact, and include PropTech case studies and a ‘how to’ guide to innovation.

Customer Experience in Real Estate, Unmet Expectations

What are the unmet expectations in residential housing, student dorms and offices? A session not to miss, it will focus on customer expectations and share insights for the industry.

Global Capital Flows: Past, Present and Future

How has the landscape of international investors changed in the global real estate market over the past few years and who should we be watching in 2020? This session will discuss recent and future trends with regards to global capital and their outbound investment strategies, with a focus on Middle East investors and why they continue to be an exciting capital source in the real estate market.

The Q Economy - What Comes After "Digital"?

Anders Indset is one of worlds’s leading Business Philosophers offering a new perspective on the “art of thinking“. By bridging the philosophy of the past with the technology and science of tomorrow, he (titled “the rock’n roll Plato” by Media) shows how leaders can cope with the 21st century. Thinkers50, “The Oscars of Management- Thinking”, has included Anders as “one of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led” Indset is at RE360 with his inspiring approach to the business world.

The Future of Lifestyle in Real Estate

Segmenting consumers by their style preferences and their values has been the study of the Whitaker Lifestyle Method, instead of segmenting consumers by trends, age and income. Our short session will demonstrate how to address those preferences from the starting point of any real estate project until its selling point.

Time To Invest In Gaziantep

The City of history, culture and gastronomy awaits its investors.

Hukuki ve Siyasi Yönleriyle KKTC'deki Yatırım Ortamı

KKTC’yi cazibe merkezi haline getirme hedeflerini aktaracak konuşmasıyla Oğuzhan Hasipoğlu RE360'ta !

Sektör Gündemi Mercek Altında!

Gelecek işbirlikleri, yurt içi ve yurt dışındaki fırsatlar ile sektör dinamikleri bu panelde ele alınıyor.


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INDER, Chairman of the Board, Teknik Yapı, Chairman of the Board


Concrete VC, Venture Partner


Borusan Holding, Board Member


TİM Service Exporters Association, Sector Board Chairman, Özak Global Holding, Chairman of the Board


Accor, COO


The Business Philosopher


JLL Turkey Chairman, Alkaş Chairman

Cansel Turgut YAZICI

EVA Real Estate Appraisal Company, Managing Partner

Cevdet AKÇAY


Doç. Dr. Emrah Safa GÜRKAN

Historian, Writer

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lütfü Savaş

Metropolitan Mayor of Hatay


Writer, Consultant

Dr. Halil İbrahim ZEYTİN

Akademetre, Chairman


JLL, Head of International Capital Coverage MENA


Whitaker International, Founder


Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

Filippo REAN

Reed MIDEM Director of the Real Estate Division


FYP Project Development Marketing Sales, Co-founder, Ceo

Gökhan ŞEN

Bloomberg HT, Chief Editor


HOM Gayrimenkul Geliştirme ve Yönetim, Founder and ULI Turkey Executive Committee Member

Kurtuluş Cumhur KORKMAZ

Blueground, Co-founder

Levent ERDEN

Bilgi University Next Academy, Founder, Chairman & Academist

Martin BARRY

Manifesto Market & reSITE, Founder


DasDas Founder Partner, Artist


EurAsia Proptech Initiative, Founder


Executive Board Member, FINA and FIBA Holding


Investor & Entepreneur

Neşecan ÇEKİCİ

GYODER Vice Chairman and Epos Property Managing Partner


The Turkish Tourism Investors Association, Chamber of Board

Prof. Anastassios STALIKAS

Psychology Department, Panteion University

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ALTAŞ

AYD, Chairman of the Board, Altaş Investment and Consultancy CO., Partner


ReedMidem, Real Estate Division, Strategy and New Business Development Director


Chair of ULI Turkey

Zümrüt Arol BEKÇE

Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi, CEO


The most recent gift of technology to the real estate industry, Proptech, is the driving force behind information, operation and management related functions in real estate. The most novel content regarding Proptech, the digital transformation of real estate, will be under the lights in RE360. Proptech stalls in the foyer area will be host to a variety of new real estate technologies on offer waiting to be discovered.

  • 12 Technology Trends in Real Estate
  • The Near Future of the Industry
  • What Is On Offer By PropTech For The Real Estate Industry
  • Smart Cities and PropTech



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