The use of technology in the property market is on the rise. RE360 will offerthe opportunity to understand the impact of new technologie on all aspects of the real estate, and view the newest trends.
The agenda in Turkey and the international agenda in the light of transatlantic relations with global economies. Topics keeping the pulse on global developments, trends and opportunities on a wide range of issues affecting the global economy, including new international investment projects, will be discussed in the Great Convention of Real Estate.
The sessions to put the hot issues of the sector under the limelight from a number of perspectives will provide the venue for the players in the sector to talk about their plans and projections for today and tomorrow of the real estate. The leading names of real estate will shed light on the issues concerning the whole sector at panels to share their experiences.
RE360 will showcase not only Turkish cities, but also model projects from cities all around the globe. Hear about the business potentials in various countries through first hand experiences and be a part of the positive energy for new opportunities.

A special study arranged for RE360.

Exclusive results of a study arrange for RE 360 on the latest consumer trends of the Turkish real estate market.

Putting a global city into focus!

“Sustainable renovation” through urban plans and projects and technological developments will be discussed with reference to a “case study” to provide inspiration for our sector!

The developments in Turkish economy are to be discussed from all angles, with specific reference to their effects on the sector.