Founding Partner of Kentsel Strateji

He graduated from the Urban Planning Department of Middle East Technical University in 1984. He develops strategies, innovative models and proposals for the future of cities with the company Kentsel Strateji.

He has managed several large-scale projects that bring together public, private and local organizations.

Göksu set up workshops with the discourse of 'Rethinking Cities' and 'Rediscovering the Neighborhood' and taking into consideration the importance of concepts of Design, Research, Participation, Vision, Impact and Development. At the workshops, he draws young designers together, develops programs and projects, and provides employment opportunities for them.

He is also founder partner of TAK Kadıköy, TAK Kartal, Vizyon Atelier and Atelier Muğla Bir. In these platforms, new urban models and strategies are being developed, neighborhood and designers are brought together to provide solutions and economic development models are being developed.

He has several articles about urban vision, management of reconciliation, strategic design, urban transformation, transfer of development rights and organizing of neighborhoods.